Southern Pearly-eye (Enodia portlandia)

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DISTRIBUTION in North Carolina: Throughout the Coastal Plain, and the eastern and southern portion of the Piedmont; of uncertain occurrence in the remainder of the Piedmont. One report for the mountains. Confusion with the very similar Northern Pearly-eye has caused much uncertainty about the range in the Piedmont. Collectively, these two species are present over the entire Piedmont, but whether both species are involved in records from the western Piedmont needs to be resolved.
ABUNDANCE in North Carolina: Locally fairly common to common in the Coastal Plain; generally uncommon in the eastern and southern Piedmont, but its abundance in the latter province needs further elucidation, and many of these records may pertain to the Northern Pearly-eye.
FLIGHT PERIOD in North Carolina: Probably three broods in the Coastal Plain, and two or three in the Piedmont; adults present in the Coastal Plain from mid-April to the end of October. The first brood flies until the first half of June. The second and third broods, if there are three, fly between late June (Coastal Plain) or early July (Piedmont) and late October. The first flight in the Piedmont begins in late April or early May.
Distribution, abundance, flight period, and map information provided by Notes on the Butterflies of North Carolina.