Southern Dogface (Colias cesonia)

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DISTRIBUTION in North Carolina: Scattered records in all three provinces, but mainly from the southern half of the state.
ABUNDANCE in North Carolina: A very rare and erratic migrant from the South and Southwest. Irregular from year to year, with the species seldom reported in recent decades. Certainly more numerous or regular formerly. The NC Natural Heritage Program is aware of just two state reports since 1990, one seen nectaring at Weymouth Woods-SNP in Moore County on November 2, 2001 by Scott Hartley, and one seen in flight in Brunswick County in mid-August 2003 by John Dole, and one seen nectaring at Jordan Lake in Chatham County on November 13, 2005 by Greg Schneider and Brock Martin.
FLIGHT PERIOD in North Carolina: Not known in NC; several broods in the Deep South, scattered over most of the year. As most "out of range" visitors appear in late summer and fall, it is expected to be seen mainly from July or August onward. However, there were a number of records from Fort Bragg from April to June several decades ago (fide Richard Anderson).
Distribution, abundance, flight period, and map information provided by Notes on the Butterflies of North Carolina.