Arogos Skipper (Atrytone arogos arogos)

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DISTRIBUTION in North Carolina: Restricted to the Coastal Plain, with known records only from the southern half; thus far, recorded only from the Sandhills (Moore and Richmond counties) and the southeastern Coastal Plain (Brunswick, New Hanover, and Carteret).
ABUNDANCE in North Carolina: Very rare in savannas, and exceedingly rare in other grassy areas near or under longleaf pine. Very rare to absent in the Coastal Plain away from longleaf pine regions. This species is on the verge of extirpation in NC and other eastern states. Currently, it is known from just one site in the state, in Carteret County.
FLIGHT PERIOD in North Carolina: Two broods; late May or mainly early June to late June, and early or mid-August to early September; more data needed, especially for the first brood.
Distribution, abundance, flight period, and map information provided by Notes on the Butterflies of North Carolina.