Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala)

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DISTRIBUTION in North Carolina: Throughout most of the Coastal Plain and Piedmont, but scarce in the northern portions of these provinces. One record from the mountains, where likely a vagrant. How much of our population is migratory is unknown.
ABUNDANCE in North Carolina: Fairly common (but easily overlooked) in the extreme southeastern corner of the state; uncommon in the Sandhills and central Coastal Plain, and quite scarce in the northern Coastal Plain. In the Piedmont, uncommon in the southern counties; rare to very uncommon north of Moore and Cabarrus counties.
FLIGHT PERIOD in North Carolina: Two broods in NC, but much of the population in late summer and fall might be composed of migrants. Most numerous after mid-September, with peak numbers well into October. Though there is a dip in records in the Piedmont in September, hinting at two broods, there is only a weak gap in the Coastal Plain. These flight charts might suggest a migrant species, but whether this species truly migrates into the state is not certain; it certainly isn't obvious to observers as being "migratory". We would consider it a "winter-stressed" species, whereby stages of the life cycle take such a hit over the winter season that few adults are on the wing during the first half of the year.
Distribution, abundance, flight period, and map information provided by Notes on the Butterflies of North Carolina.
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala) 10/16/07 · Wilkes County (P), NC
(same Skipper as below)
Eufala Skipper (Lerodea eufala) 10/16/07 · Wilkes County (P), NC
(same Skipper as above)